Repair / Replacement of a Radiator Hose

Radiator Hose

These are the flexible pipes that run from your Radiator to the Engine, Thermostat, Water Pump etc. There are also other pipes that run to the heater core and if you have a van you may have two heater cores. Heater Core hoses quite often have special fittings that require special tools to remove. This page however will deal with the hoses that come from your Radiator.

1 - Emergency fix to Radiator Hose with Hole

Once your engine is cooled down you can wrap the Radiator Hose with the hole in duct tape. Make sure the pieces of Duct Tape are long enough to wrap around on themselves and that they cover the hole. Once you have patched the hole then you need to make sure there is enough Radiator Coolant by removing the cap on the Radiator (ONLY ON A COLD ENGINE) and seeing if you see the Coolant all the way to the top. If not, then top off the coolant system until you see coolant at the top of the radiator

2 - Hose Clamp Loose or Broken

If the Hose clamp on the Radiator Hose is loose or broken that might be the cause of your leak. Some of the older clamps do not come off unless you remove the hose but to save yourself from doing that, just move the old clamp down the Radiator Hose a little and then add a new clamp where the old one was. You can always remove the old clamp at a latter date when the hose is replaced.

3 - Removing a Hose

Always remember to drain the existing Coolant into a container then recycle it at your local re-cycle center or automotive shop. If the Coolant is still clean and not to old there is nothing to say you can't reuse it in the system. You should be able to find a drain plug at the bottom of your radiator to get the existing coolant out.

Loosen both clamps on the hose before removing. When removing a Radiator Hose it can feel like it is glued to the item it is attached to. Get a large pair of Oil Filter pliers of something similar, wrap the hose in a cloth (if you intend to reuse the hose) where the pliers will touch it so that you don't damage the hose and twist & wiggle the hose until it becomes loose. If the Hose is in real bad repair (Big Hole or Cracking) then cut it off with a knife but do not use a folding knife without a lock as the hose can grab the blade and cause it to fold on your fingers.

4 - Replacing a Hose

Replacing the Radiator Hose is much easier than removing, just make sure you have the right size of hose clamps for the hose and that the hose looks similar in shape and size to the one you just took off. The Radiator Hose being brand new should easily slip over the item to which it attaches, then it is just a matter of clamping it up and adding back the coolant. Remember to clamp it at both ends.

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