Drain Plug

Drain Plug, Oil Pan, Oil Pan Gasket, Oil Pan Leak

Drain Plug Location

Drain Plug is located usually in the side of the Oil Pan. The Drain Plug will normally look like a large bolt and when it is loosened Oil will come out of the Oil Pan. To find the Drain Plug, look all around the side of the Oil Pan and see if you can see a bolt sticking out the side of it. To be able to view the Oil Pan you may need to raise the front of the car (Back for Rear-Engine Cars). Whenever you raise a vehicle, make sure to secure the vehicle from coming down on you by using wheel chocks, emergency brake, engine off, jack stands (axle stands) and ramps as needed. Failure to secure the vehicle from moving can result in serious injury or death.

Drain Plug Purpose

Drain Plug allows oil to be drained out of the Oil Pan so that Oil can be changed. If the engine kept using the same oil, the oil would go bad and damage the engine. Always make sure there is a container of some sort to capture Oil if you plan to remove the Drain Plug. The container will need to be able to hold several quarts of Oil. Putting a piece of cardboard under the container can help with Oil spills.

Drain Plug Leaks

Drain Plug can leak for several reasons:

  • Not Tightened Fully so oil escapes past it. Need to take a wrench to it to tighten it up.
  • Piece of dirt gets between it and the Oil Pan preventing it from sealing properly. Oil would need to be drained out of the Oil Pan. Then clean up the Drain Plug and the part of the Oil Pan it touches to make sure no dirt will stop it from sealing. Then put the Drain Plug back and put oil back in the engine.
  • Gasket on Drain Plug worn.Some Drain Plugs have a gasket and this can wear out requiring that the gasket and or Drain Plug be replaced because no matter how tight the Drain Plug is, it will not seal.
  • Drain Plug cross threaded onto the Oil Pan. During an Oil Change, the mechanic failed to screw the Drain Plug back in correctly and forced it onto the Oil Pan. Now the Drain Plug will either not tighten up or sit correctly against the Oil Pan causing the leak. Only choices here are to either replace the Oil Pan or buy a Rubber Plug that replaces the Drain Plug. The Rubber Plug when tightened up expands to seal the drain hole in the Oil Pan.

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